is a non-profit organization founded to promote independent and objective
socioeconomic research and analysis in Macedonia

November 30th, 2017 AER held 7th research seminar on the topic: Foreign Direct Investment.

November 23rd, 2017 AER held its 6th research seminar on the topic: Ways of financing studies – obstacles or opportunities: Student Loans

The vision of AER

AER is an organization, leader in the field of socio-economic research and analysis, which in cooperation with other stakeholders makes impact on the creation and improvements of economic and social policies on local and national level aiming at building inclusive and equal society.

The mission of AER

AER is non-profit organization which support economic research, builds researchers capacities and participates in creation of public policies in socio-economic filed trough cooperation with public institutions, academic institutions and civil sector from Macedonia and abroad.

The goals of AER

Strategic goal 1: Improvement of the quality of socio-economic research and analysis and academic research in Macedonia.

Strategic goal 2: Empowering of the research and analysis capacities in Macedonia, aiming at creating critical mass of socio – economic researchers in the country.

Strategic goal 3: Increasing the impact towards socio-economic policies in Macedonia, directed to creation of inclusive and equal society.