Welcome to the website of the Association of Economic Researchers, Skopje (AER henceforth).

AER is a non-profit organization founded to promote independent and objective socioeconomic research and analysis in Macedonia. The story begins in 2012 with five economic researchers who studied at the same university in the UK, the Staffordshire University from Stoke-on-Trent. The initial idea of the Association was to serve as a network for researchers from the region who studied on the same university in order to ease the communication and collaboration. This initial idea is now overgrown and now the Association aims to serve as a network of all economic researchers and analysts that are interested in active participation in the research and policymaking on different levels and from different perspectives.

The vision of AER

To improve the quality of socio-economic policies.

The mission of AER

To stimulate cooperation between economic researchers and analysts, to promote high quality, independent economic research and analysis, to encourage critical debate on economic issues, to influence the civil society, and through all these to contribute to creation of better policies.

The goals of AER

  1. Stimulation of socioeconomic research and analysis;
  2. Promotion and improvement of the capacities for research and analysis in Macedonia;
  3. Improvement of the quality of the research papers in Macedonia and the region;
  4. Creation of a critical mass of national and international researchers that will conduct international research projects which will impact the academic discussion and improve the public policies in the concerned countries;
  5. Support programs and mentoring of young researchers for generating and sharing applied research aiming at improvement of the economic and social development in Macedonia;
  6. Cooperation and collaboration with other local and international civil organizations, movements, associations, think tanks, educational institutions, research centers and institutes;